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Social media and fan engagement are key business priorities for sports organisations across the world. As a result, sports clubs and governing bodies are constantly seeking new ways to develop interactive relationships with their fans.

However, with so many platforms and different forms of content it can be hard for clubs to know what works and what does not.

That is where RESULT Sports hopes to make a difference. RESULT Sports is a German based business that provides a social media monitoring service for sports clubs, leagues and federations across the world. The business was established in 2010 and works alongside some of the biggest clubs in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine as well as with other sports such as Rugby, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Handball, etc.

But it’s not all about monitoring as General Manager, Mario Leo explains, “I set up the business in 2010 having seen a gap in the market for clubs who wanted to make sense of their social media and digital activity. We currently monitor 25+ social platforms for all our clients providing an in-depth evaluation of their growth, reach, engagement and interaction of their online fan base. Sports organisations have limited time and expertise in making sense of the data generated from their digital activity and this is where we come in. We take this hassle away from them by creating a daily report that provides not only their social monitoring stats but also provides insight into how they can use the data for their benefit. The sports organisations are using this insight to amend their content strategies.”

Digitale Sport Medien

Digitale Sport Medien Magazin

“For example, Borussia Dortmund receives every Monday morning our ‘Club Media Report’ with an in-depth analysis of its digital performance during the past week. The Club Media Report features every single platform Borussia Dortmund is officially represented and evaluates the performance of every single post on social platform, the club mobile App and the club website. Not only the content, but also the target audience engagement is featured. This way, the editorial team gets an a detailed understanding of content and sentiment – and the digital department knows in which region or country the club is ‘talked about’.”DSM Magazine example

David Görges, Head of New Media and CRM at Borussia Dortmund summarizes his benefits from the Club Media Report “The RESULT Sports Club Media Report is our source for analysing and planning. Having everything in one dedicated report allows efficient management, enables cross department coordination and gives us the necessary insight, where in the world Borussia Dortmund is reaching and engaging with its fans.”

In addition to the mentoring service, RESULT Sports publishes a regular Digital Sports Media magazine and is also hosting Digital Sports & Entertainment conference in Germany later this year. With these new developments and their continued work with helping teams monitor their fan engagement, RESULT Sports hopes to further position itself as a go-to resource in the increasingly digital sports industry.